Standard CIPA Requirements

Schools are required by CIPA to protect children from inappropriate Web content including content that is obscene, pornographic, violent or otherwise be harmful to minors. Schools have to authorize that they have met both the policy and technology requirements of CIPA or they won't receive E-Rate funds, which most schools rely on to make important technology product and service purchases. School policies must be approved by your school board and must observe all state and federal legal and regulatory requirements.

New FCC/CIPA Rules in 2011

The growing popularity of social media sites prompted the FCC to establish new rules aimed at student use of social networking. The new rules apply to CIPA and qualification for E-Rate funds is now tied to them. The new FCC/CIPA rules did not replace current CIPA rules but expanded them to include social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The FCC warns that these sites are potentially harmful to minors but acknowledges that they can have a positive effect on student learning. The rules require schools to train students in proper online social networking behavior, which will be difficult to achieve if schools block social media applications completely. Learn more

School Acceptable Use Policy

CIPA rules have always included a mandate for schools to establish acceptable use policies (AUP) for their students. Having a strong AUP is the first step in assuring a safe Internet environment for all students. Your school or district's AUP should cover all forms of e-communications at your school including Internet, email, P2P, IM and social media. It should also include descriptions of the technology you have in place to enforce the AUP, and the penalties for violating it including legal action that might be taken in severe cases. Make sure all parties sign the AUP including teachers, parents and students.

Solutions Designed for Schools

iPrism Web Security

iPrism Web Security is a self-contained, appliance-based solution that delivers the features schools want to enforce CIPA and AUP requirements. iPrism is an easy-to-deploy and manage solution with low TCO and features such as exclusive real-time botnet defense, the Circumvention Defense Network, support for YouTube for Schools and cloud-based remote filtering.   > Learn more

iPrism Social Media

iPrism Social Media Security is an add-on service that gives schools granular control over student interactions on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This solution helps schools use social media safely and train students in the proper use of social networking applications. It also gives schools visibility into student online behaviors so problems like cyberbullying or self-harm can be detected early allowing intervention.