How to Prevent Cyberbullying at Your School

There are some key steps you should take if you want to stop cyberbullying at your school. The new rules imposed by the FCC and required by CIPA are designed to avoid the serious consequences of cyberbullying. The following suggestions can help your school stop cyberbullying and maintain CIPA compliance:

Stop Cyberbullying by First Recognizing It

If you are seeking a solution for how to prevent cyberbullying at your school, you must first be able to recognize it early. It's not always as easy as it seems. Identifying cyberbullying requires that you discriminate between innocent teasing and the mean and hurtful exchanges that can escalate into cyberbullying. Make sure teachers, staff and parents know the signs of cyberbullying or self-harm. If a teacher detects a student they feel might be involved in or a victim of cyberbullying, give them clear guidelines about who to alert and how to handle the situation. Learn more [link to "What is cyberbullying" page.

Have Strong Policies in Place to Avoid the Consequences of Cyberbullying
  • Stop cyberbullying by building a strong AUP that includes social networking activity
  • Establish consequences for violating policies and be aware of any laws in your states that govern cyberbullying
  • Adopt a zero tolerance environment
  • Stipulate that policies cover both on and off-campus cyberbullying behavior
  • Make sure all your teachers, staff, students and parents are aware of the policy and the consequences of cyberbullying
  • Have parents and students sign your school's AUP at the beginning of each school year

The Right Technology will Assure Enforcement

Without the means to enforce them, rules and regulations are inadequate to stop cyberbullying and other dangers of social networking for students.

iPrism Social Media Security enables schools to allow social media while protecting students from the consequences of cyberbullying and other dangerous content.
  • Allows students full access to popular social media applications while keeping interactions consistent with CIPA requirements and your school's AUP to help stop cyberbullying
  • Delivered with out-of-the box policy templates, which can be customized to fit your school's requirements
  • Integrated, customizable reporting enables tracking and logging for AUP and regulatory compliance enforcement to help your school avoid the consequences of cyberbullying
  • Seamless integration with iPrism Web Security through the central management interface offers easy deployment and management.
  • Allows student use of social media to enrich the classroom learning environment and assists their training in the proper use of social networking applications